Nancy Bepple 2022

Building a Better Future

Thank you for voting Nancy Bepple
Kamloops City Council 2022

A huge thank you to the people of Kamloops for electing me as councillor. Thanks for putting your trust in me. I look forward to working with the rest of council for the betterment of our city. Kudos to all the candidates who ran: democracy takes courage of those who step up.

Fresh Ideas for Kamloops

Here’s what I’ve said, so you know where I’m coming from.

  • Housing
  • Investing in Livability
  • Strengthening Community
  • Climate resilience
Nancy attending a community Remembrance Day Dinner

About Nancy

A Strong Connection to Kamloops

Nancy Beppleā€™s family has been part of the Kamloops community since 1934. She grew up here and came back to live and work.

Nancy Bepple for Kamloops City Council 2022

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Nancy supporting The Coldest Night of the Year event


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Nancy supporting the Barnhartvale Horse and Hiker Trail Preservation Society

Make a Difference

All around us, day by day, people make a difference in Kamloops. One by one, small acts turn into big changes. Volunteers help make sports and cultural events happen. Businesses invest and create jobs. Young people are mentored, and elders are cared for. One of the most important roles of City Council is to give people support so they can make a better future for their community.

Nancy volunteering at PIT Stop, a hot meal program.